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About Us


       We are a family-run snowboard company out of Campton, New Hampshire that sells Alpine Carving Boards built with the latest in technology.  The boards are made in New Hampshire with New Hampshire Wood. 


     With six different boards, the Wahini Snowboard     models have binding inserts set for a telemark and an alpine carving set up.  We suggest using a stiff pair of boots and a pair of poles.  Right now we have in stock the Black Diamond Custom 130 flex telemark boot, Stiletto 110 flex telemark boot, 22 Designs telemark bindings, and Rottefella telemark bindings.  From novice to expert skiers and snowboarders, our set up prepares you to conquer any terrain. 








Photo Credit: Loon Mountain, NH.

       The easiest transition to a Wahini Snowboard will be for the riders and skiers who have ridden a Slalom Waterski, an Alpine Race Board, a Teleboard, a Skwal, a Snow Board, or a Skateboard.  Skiers and Telemarkers will find the fixed foot pattern confining, yet once the bond to independent feet is broken, and the knees are in front of one another, the rider assumes a stance that is graceful and fluid.  Very little energy is needed to transition from one turn to the next, merely swaying an arm or wrist from one side to the next is enough to initiate the change.  Due to the forward stance, the knees and lower joints are able to reinforce each other to give stength and support to reduce injury to the lower body.  Since the rider faces more forward, upper body injury is also reduced.  As always, ride carefully, and respect the Skiers Code.

Experience of riding or skiing And 

the Introduction of Wahini Snowboards 

Our story:

       Wahini Snowboards were created out of the need for newer boards, reflecting the traditions of Carving Boards that were originally created in the late 1980's.  I personally remember the first time I saw riders angling down the slope at high speed tipping the board over perpendicular to the slope, dragging a hand behind brushing the snow, and carving the most beautiful turn, taking up the entire run wall to wall, arcing out the flawless carve, and popping up to carve the opposite side.  Wow, I wanted to do that someday.  Those original carving boards were very much the same dimensions that we have reintroduced here with Wahini Snowboards.  We took out the camber, softend up the flex, and added todays technology with Tri-Axle Carbon Fiber Matterial.  Using Set Screws in the boards to allow different stances and bindings, we have developed a board that can be ridden by Alpine Carvers and Telemark Carvers.  Having mounted Telemark Bindings on these carving boards with a narrower stance and 20 deg. angle, the use of a stiff Tele boot, allows the rider to have a wide range of forward and back weight distribution and control.  The ease of using Telemark Boots to move the lower and upper body does allow for a more fluid movement on top of the board, using ski poles for balance, support, and maneuverability in all conditions.  The demand for the original carving board is still alive and well, and so we added the line of Alpine Carving Boards with the binding patterns and inserts to accept the Carving Bindings, encouraging the Race Teams to use these boards for training and attracting friends and family to the sport. 


       Having been in the ski industry for 47 years, I have seen the The Ski and Snowboard industry introduce plastics, buckles, ptex, fiberglass, metals, carbon fibers, rubber, fabrics of all types, foams, honeycombs, leather, and fluids.  I have seen camber and flex change like the wind.  Widths and lengths and sidecuts vary  with every company.  Boot styles of every size and flex and comfort or not.  That being said,  we found that the ease of riding a carving board in all conditions is worth putting todays technology to the task.  So we introduce to you the Snowboard Cross Over,  Wahini.  With a narrower board than todays Alpine Carving Boards, Wahini has a 165mm waist, or 175mm Poli Ahu, the ability to stand more forward with a 20 degree angle to the board Telemark stance, or varied Alpine binding stance, the rider faces more forward.  With the use of poles or not, the rider can carve up the slope, or mearly smear and slide where they choose.  We took out a lot of the stiffness of the board, flattend out the profile, and created an even flex tip to tail.  All of this allows the rider the ability to tip the board over sideways and hold on for the ride of their life, as well as relax into the carving dynamics inherent to the sport of carving.  The rider is also able to stand up and carve like a skier, smear, side slip, slide, do spins, and negotiate the difficult terrain.  The use of poles in this sport allows the ability to support the rider at a stand still, to pole plant and give the upward and downward unweighting effect. Versatility is the way of Wahini. 


       Wahini is the word for Woman in Hawaii and Polynesia.  One of the original Alpine Carving Racers had adhered a beautiful picture of a Wahini Hula Girl to the tail of my first used Alpine Carving Board. This gentleman was an incredible Alpine Carver, and after sharing the slope and many turns at Loon Mountain one day, he told me to be good to Wahini.  Well, the name grew popular among my fellow skiers and riding companions.  Wahini was joined later on by similar models of Alpine boards with diffferent flex patterns, and our line of boards today reflects some of the original technology as well as today's.  We hope you have enjoyed our story, and gently invite you to think about riding such a board as this. 


       Dare yourself to ride the big waves, ride Wahini Snowboards.  YeeHaa.  Our Custom Graphic Designer Rose Kimbell is featured here with the Wahini Series.  Notice the different figures Wahini has at the bottom of the boards.  All graphics were created here in New Hampshire and Brighton MA, inspired by the Rocky Mountains of Montana and the beauty of Hawaii.  Working collaboratively with Matt Michaud, Martin Kimbell, and Sandwich Tech, Rose created three paintings, and hand painted the rest of the graphics for the entire Wahini Series.  Rose Kimbell is an artist who lives and works in Brighton MA.  From large oil paintings, to small works on paper, to graphic design, to then seven foot tall boards, she will create whatever is necessary!  Wahini Snowboards are available to create graphics for future products of your choosing, all be it skis, snowboards, or otherwise.  


Dare yourself to ride the big waves, Ride Wahini Snowboards.  







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