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Technology Dimensions:       

Length (cm) Dual Side Cut Radius
162 9.5 / 11.2
175 11.0 / 13.5
188 12.7 / 15.9

Tip= 213
Waist= 165
Tail (mm)= 208


  •        Meet Auwaha. Trench. The stiffer board in our Wahini series, she lays trenches into the slope with the ease and wonder of an Alpine Carving board. Construction is with a stiffer wood core and tri-axle Carbon Fiber matterial, also even bending, without camber or rocker, and tortionally stiff.  Again, this board is naturally rockered with the weight of the rider. Our fellow skiers are not always happy with the trenches and walls we leave behind as we arc down the slope leaving ruts in our wake. This carving board is also very versatile in all conditions all over the mountain. Relying on the stiffer board gives added confidence that the edge will be there on demand. This board is hard charging, easy to handle in the bumps, floats in the pow, and is comfortable on ice. Taking this board to the limit on a carving expedition is a must. Dropping the board to the side and arcing out the slope while the body of the rider flips from side to side with each turn is exciting. Riding Auwaha is like surfing the waves on the mountain, leaving behind trenches in its wake.

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