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Technology Dimensions:   

Length (cm)= 175

Tip= 230  

Waist= 175

Tail (mm)= 218

Dual Side Cut Radius= 11.3 / 13.5

Poli Ahu

  • Length = 175 (cm)

           Meet Poli Ahu, The Goddess of Snow.  Poli Ahu is our signature Powder Board. We have given her more tip, waist, and tail, and tapperd the dimensions to float more easily in the powder. An even bending board tip to tail, soft in flex, flat in profile, she is naturally rockered with the weight of the rider, flexing the board with a natural curve. This board is a bit larger than Kohana and Auwaha, yet still agile in the bumps, groomers, crud, ice, and variable conditions. 

           All of our boards are very versatile for all mountain riding. The soft even flex allows the board to stay in contact with the snow, and ice, giving the rider a safe feeling under foot of handling the edge in all conditions. Poli Ahu is the Goddess of Snow, and she watches over the Wahini Series with admiration and respect. Give her a try for some really graceful riding experience.

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