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Technology Dimensions:       

Length (cm)        Dual Side Cut Radius
 162                         9.5 / 11.2
 175                         11.0 / 13.5
 188                         12.7 / 15.9

Tip=  213
Waist=  165
Tail (mm)= 208

Kohana - Solid

  •        Meet Kohana. Swift, Little Flower.  The softest board of our Wahini series, she is a Swift and gentle ride. The construction is with a wood core and Tri-axial Carbon Fiber Matterial with a soft even bend over the whole length, flat without camber or rocker, torsionally stiff. Our boards are naturally rockered with the weight of the rider compressing the board on the snow and ice, keeping the board in contact with the elements.  We found that by softening up the entire board will allow the rider to charge down the slope with the greatest of ease, and to turn and change directions upon impulse.  With the edge under foot completely in contact with the snow and ice, the rider can feel confident with the control of the board in all conditions.  This board is hard charging, easy to ride in the bumps, floats in the pow, rails and lays trenches in carving mode, or simply rides like a ski quick from edge to edge. Doing helicopter spins while in contact with the snow is done with the greatest of ease.  Take Kohana on an easy ride into the sunset, and feel the graceful flow of the Wahini Series.

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